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Sri Bodhi Dharmavijaya Buddhist Organization

Established as an organization guided by Buddhist teaching and philosophy under the name of "Sri Bodhi Dharmavijaya Buddhist Organization" 

On 07th May, 2016 under the patronage of Ven. Pathegama Chandaratana Thero, and Ven.   Kadawatha Uttarananda Thero, a group of people, enthusiastic academics and profrssionals met formally at the Sri Sumangalaramaya Temple, Punchi Borella, Colombo 08 in Sri Lanka and established an organization guided by the buddhist Teachings and Philosophy, under the Name of "DHAMMA CETIYA BUDDHIST ORGINAZATION"

The Organization's long term aim is to foster the growth and development of Theravada Buddhism, a philosophy that reflects the universal buddhist values of Compassion, Mindfulness and Wakefulness. This is to be accomplished by means of teaching the doctrines of the supreme Buddha. Those who have developed the mind are more likely to make appropriate Dhamma-oriented life decisions and live in the most beneficial, peaceful and noble manner possible.


To be a model Buddhist organization and take a leading role in bringing Buddhist Teachings to the world via  the cultivation of Dhamma-oriented lives, which in turn creates a more peaceful society.


Our mission is to teach and share the immeasurable qualities of Buddhist teachings with the aim of purifying the hearts and minds of human beings through practice of the noble values.


Buddhist doctrine stands out for its depth and we share that vision of reality. We have the honor to be able to offer the world the fruits of a lifetime of study of Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddha as a contribution to the elevation of humanity.

Office Bearers of the Organization

Mr.Adam L. Barborich - Vice President

Mr. W.N.R. de Silva - Vice President

Mr. U.H.Siripala Ukwatte - Secretary

Mrs. S.P. Welagedara - Treasurer

Dr.(Mrs) Asantha Attanayake Barborich - Head of Training Programs

Mrs. D.G.D.Jayasuriya - Welfare Coordinator



Article -1

The name of the organization :

The Organization shall be known as “DHAMMA CETIYA BUDDHIST ORGANIZATION “.

Purpose :

Our sole intention is to bring Buddhist insights to the world for the welfare of humankind and to help people to lead more peaceful, thoughtful, and compassionate live with the Buddhist teachings, as well how to live in the most beneficial, peaceful and noble manner possible. The organization’s long term aim is to foster the growth and development of Theravada Buddhism, reflecting universal Buddhist values. This is to be accomplished by means of Dhamma practice which is based in the doctrine of the Supreme Buddha.

Our vision is to be a model Buddhist organization by taking a leading role in bringing Buddhism to the world via the cultivation of Dhamma oriented life which in turn create a more peaceful society.

Our Mission is to teach and share the immeasurable qualities of Buddhist teachings with the aim of purifying the hearts and minds of human beings through practice of the noble values.

Financial year : The Financial year of the Organization is the period of 12 months starting on January 1st and ending on 31st December.

Definitions :

a. “Organization” means “Dhamma Cetiya Buddhist Organization,
b. “Advisory Board” means Advisory Board of the organization,
c. “Member” means the member of the organization,
d. “Financial year” means the 12 months period as specified earlier.
e. “Committee” means the Committee having management of the business of the organization.
f. “Committee Member” means a member of the Committee elected or appointed under the rule 6.1(e)

Article -2

Address of the Organization :

The Address of the organization shall be at Sri Sumangalaramaya, Sri Sumangala Mawatha, Punchi Borella, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka, or such other address as may subsequently be decided upon by the Organization and approved by the relevant authorities.

Article -3

Objectives of the organization are:

(a) To provide access to Buddhist teachings and place to learn Buddhist teachings from highly qualified personals.
(b) To offer a variety of Educational programmes to foster a better understanding of the teachings of the Supreme Buddha.
(c) To serve as a platform for Buddhist views and act as a communication network system for Buddhism.
(d) Establish and maintain a centre for the Buddhist education of monks,
(e) Organization shall provide spiritual and educational programmes which promote peace, harmony and high standard ethical conduct among students,
(f) Organization shall provide and support community service programmes.

Article -4

Mandates and powers of the organization:

01.The organization shall:

(a)   Formulate policies for the organization that are consistent with its objectives,.
(b)    Organize functions or activities in accordance with the objectives of the organization,
(c)    Be responsible for general administration of the organization and not act contrary to its objectives,
(d)   Make, amend and repeal the constitution of the organization as may from time to time be necessary to achieve the objectives of the organization,
(e)    Appoint any member to fill vacancies that may occur in the advisory Committee during the term of office in an acting capacity,
(f)    Authorize the expenditure of the organization funds for the organizations purpose.

Article -5

5.1 Membership of the Organization :

(a)    Membership shall be open to all persons of age 18 and above irrespective of race, nationality, creed , colour, religion or belief who commits to developing a good heart             for the benefit of all living beings.
(b)    Organization encourages the public to become members and pledge their support for its mission,
(c)    Membership contribution will help the organization to continue providing access to the Buddhist teachings and spiritual growth,
(d)    All members shall notify the Hon. Secretary of any change of address,

5.2 Termination of the Membership :

(a)    Cessation of Membership : upon resignation by giving one months notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary and paying up any arrears assessed by him,
(b)    Upon failure to pay the membership fees after being served two notices by the Hon. Secretary.

5.3 Membership fees :

Shall pay Rs.100/= as an annual membership fee by a member.

5.4 Benefits to the Members:
Members shall have the right;

(a)    to vote and stand for election to the Committee,
(b)    to attend and speak and vote at the Annual General Meeting,
(c)    to participate in all activities of the organization and
(d)    to use all facilities provided by the organization.

Article -6
Governing body of the Organization: Composition of Advisory Board :

6.1 The governing body of the organization consisting of the following shall be appointed or elected at each annual general meeting.

    (a)    President,
    (b)    Vice President,
    (c)    Secretary,
    (d)    Treasurer,
    (e)    And other advisory committee members,
General Duties :
   (i)      As soon as practicable after being elected or appointed to the Board, each Board member must become familiar with rules of the organization,
   (ii)     Board Members must exercise their powers and discharge their duties with reasonable care and diligence.
   (iii)    Committee members must exercise their powers and discharge their duties –

            (a)  In good faith and in the best interest of the Organization and
            (b)  For a proper purpose.
            (c)  Not make improper use of their position to gain an advantage for themselves,

6.2 The term of office of the Board members is four (04) years,

6.3 All office bearers may be re-appointed or re-elected for a consecutive term.

6.4 A member of the Board shall vacate his office when he ceases to be a member of the organization.

6.5 Members of the Advisory Board shall be appointed /elected from prominent persons of the public who have contributed to the welfare of the Buddhism.

6.6 The number of members of the Advisory Board shall not exceed twelve (12) at any time.

6.7 Removal of the members from the Advisory Board :Members are subject to –

      (i)     An inability to perform the requirements of the organization,
      (ii)    Mismanaging the organizations funds, and
      (iii)   Breaching the code of conduct.

6.8 Responsibility and powers of the members of the Board:

            6.8.1   President -
                      (i) Shall guide and coordinate all the committee members in accomplishing their duties towards the objectives of the organization,
                      (ii) President shall preside at all the meetings,

            6.8.2  Vice President-
                      (i) shall assist the president in accomplishing the Presidents duties,
                      (ii) Shall preside when the President is absent,

           6.8.3 Secretary :
                  (a) The Secretary must maintain the register of members in accordance with rules of the organization,
                  (b) keep custody of the common seal of the organization , financial records, all books and documents and securities of the organization,
                  (c) Perform any other duty or function imposed by the organization

           6.8.4 Treasurer:
                  (a) The Treasurer must receive all moneys paid to or received by the Organization and issue receipts for those moneys in the name of the Organization; and
                  (b) Ensure that all moneys received are paid into the account of the Organization within 03 working days after receipt; and
                  (c) Make any payments authorized by the Board or by a general meeting of the organization from the organizations funds; and
                  (d) Ensure cheques are signed by at least two (02) Board Members.
                  (e) The Treasurer must ensure that the financial records of the organization are kept in accordance with the Act ; and
                  (f) Coordinate the preparation of the financial statements of the organization monthly and annually,
                  (g) The Treasurer must ensure that at least one other Board Member has access to the accounts and financial records of the organization.

         6.9 Delegation of Powers of the Members of the Board:

                (a) The Advisory Board /Committee may delegate to a member of the Sub-Committee or staff, any of its powers and functions,
                (b) The delegation must be in writing and may be subject to the conditions and limitations the committee considers appropriate.
                (c) The Committee may, in writing, revoke a delegation wholly or in part.

Article -7

Advisory Board / Composition of the Advisory Board / The Board consists of –

                (a)The Chief Anusasaka,
                (b) A President ; and
                (c) A vice President; and
                (d) A Secretary ;and
                (e) A Treasurer ; and
                (f) Six other prominent members,

Article -8

Officers and Posts of the Organization

                (a) Chief Anusasaka,
                (b) President,
                (c) Vice President,
                (d) Secretary,
                (e) Treasurer,
                (f) Asst. Secretary,
                (g) Administrative Manager,

Article -9      Financial Matters

              9.1 The funds of the Organization may be derived from membership fees, subscriptions, donations, fund-raising activities, grants, interest and any other sources                     approved by the Advisory Board

              9.2 The organization must open an account with a reputed Bank.

              9.3 The Board may authorize the Treasurer to expend funds on behalf of the Organization up to a specified limit up to Rs .10,000/=.

              9.4 All cheques, drafts, bills of exchange, promissory notes and other negotiable instruments must be signed by two (02) Board Members,

              9.5 All funds of the Organization must be deposited into the financial account of the Organization no later than 03 working days after receipt.

              9.6 With the approval of Board, the Treasurer may maintain a cash float provided that all money paid from or paid into the float is accurately recorded at the time of                  the transaction.

              9.7 The organization must keep financial records that –

                    (a) Correctly record and explain its transactions, financial position and performance; and
                    (b) Enable financial statements to be prepared as required by the Act.
                    (c) The organization must retain the financial records for 07 years after the transactions covered by the records are completed.

              9.8 Financial Statements :

                     For each financial year, the Board must ensure the preparation of the Financial statements, and the submission of the financial statements to the annual general meeting of the organization.

Article -10    Meeting of the Organization :

            10.1 Regular scheduled meetings shall be held once a month or twice a week,
            10.2 Advisory Board /Executive committee shall meet periodically to meet the need of the organization,
            10.3 General Meeting – shall be held at the end of every year,
            10.4 Special meeting – may be called by the President or the majority of the Advisory Committee at any time,
            10.5 A one week’s notice shall be required for special meeting,
            10.6 Meeting of the Governing Membership : Advisory Board/Committee shall meet periodically addressing needs of the organization.

Article -11    Common Seal

            (i) The organization may have a common seal,
            (ii) The name of the Organization must appear in legible characters on the common seal,
            (iii) The common seal must be kept in the custody of the Secretary.

Article -12

            Amendments to the constitution and regulations,

            Any changes to the Constitution must be agreed by the advisory board and a majority of the members of the organization

Article -13

            Dissolution of the organization :

In the event of such dissolution of the organization, all the assets of the organization must be handed over to Mar/Sri Pemananda Mulika Pirivena, Indraramaya, Malimbada, Palatuwa, Matara, having the same objectives as the organization.
This constitution is presented and approved by all the members who were present at the Committee Meeting of the Organization on 10.07.2016 as the Constitution of the Organization.


To Conduct Educational Programs

*  To conduct English language teaching programmes for Buddhist monks to preach the Dhamma in English.

*  To conduct English language programmes for tourist guides in order to help them deliver correct and unbiased facts about religious and historic places in Sri Lanka.

*  To train pirivena teachers and Dhamma school teachers to deliver the knowledge of the Dhamma more effectively.

*  To conduct a course on comparative religions.

*  Any other related programmes.

To Conduct Dhamma Programs

* To provide a platform for Buddhist monks to preach the Dhamma in English

*  Any other related programmes

To conduct Meditation programs

*  To conduct both long-term and short-term meditational programmes     in English for foreigners and tourists

*  Any other related programmes



We encourage you to become a member and pledge your support to this organization and its mission. Your membership contribution will help the organization to continue providing access to Buddhist teachings and guidance to people seeking spiritual and personal growth.

Membership is open to anyone irrespective of race nationality, creed or colour, religion or belief, who commits to developing a good heart for the benefit of all living beings.


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